Taken from my LinkedIn.com profile….

March 17, 2017
Keely Brenner…
“I worked with Dan for nearly a year at LeEco in conjunction with a couple of my products. I found him to be thorough when testing them, articulate in summing up the product and fantastically detail orientated competitive analysis, so I could position and market the product expertly. Dan is helpful, knowledgable and an all round expert from user testing, product management and even packaging. Dan will be a fantastic hire to any next employer.”

April 13, 2016
Mike Airaudi…
“Dan’s passion for product, combined with his development and design expertise help make him a great Product Manager. Dan was a very important hire and a key member of my consumer accessory product marketing team at HP. He has a great eye for design and a deep understanding of how to make tough tradeoff decisions during product development. His leadership, ability to define strategy and help drive innovation was critical during our time together at HP. I could always rely on Dan to deliver impressive work under difficult circumstances and tight timelines. I hope to have the chance to work with Dan again at some point in my career.”

November 22, 2013
Weishung Liu…
“Dan and I worked together on the MUNITIO headphone line since he started at BDA over a year ago. He quickly became one of my favorite product developers to work with because of his dedication, sense of humor, and easy-going personality. Dan did not manage me directly, but was always willing to give me advice, coach me, and mentor me when I needed someone to talk to.

At BDA, Dan was integral in helping turn MUNITIO around by managing key products in the line, including the well-reviewed PRO40 over ear headphones. He understood the MUNITIO brand voice and language and much of MUNITIO’s latest success is due to his strong work ethic and high standards. I would highly recommend him to anyone as he would be a great asset to any company.”

October 19, 2012
Rick Emerson…
“Dan was a valuable team member as a senior industrial designer at Lathrop. He could always be counted on to create numerous on target concepts that he refined into great designs. I could always count on Dan going the extra mile to do whatever it took to get a design completed with a high level of quality. His design skills and mastery of the technical tools of the trade were outstanding. It was a pleasure to work with Dan and I highly recommend him.”

February 12, 2011
Jag Wood…
“Dan is a stellar individual that not only knows his world inside and out, but also has deep, meaningful relationships with the right companies. Dan joined my team to help build an accessories business; he handled everything like a “rockstar”; strategy and roadmap recommendations, accessory line-up, customized product design, timelines and production schedule etc. If he didn’t have an answer to something (rare), he would find out and make sound recommendations based on his discovery. I would hire Dan again in a heartbeat and would be honored to have him on my team!”

January 26, 2011
Chris Lavin…
“We brought Dan in to help get accessories ready for the Jungle’s launch. Dan did a fantastic job with the designs, but its his relationships with major vendors overseas that makes him so valuable. He was able to go from concept to prototype to production planning with almost no business support. I certainly hope to work with Dan in the future.”

January 24, 2011
Jeff Reichmuth…
“Dan was a pleasure to work with! His understanding of Supply Chain in his ID Mgmt role helped us work very well together. He is an excellent designer with great ideas. He also showed outstanding leadership skills managing the accessory team.”

January 20, 2009
David Lean…
“As a designer, Dan has a great sense of form and function and is excellent at taking engineering/manufacturing concerns into consideration. As a manager, Dan shines through his great project management and interpersonal skills. With his guidance, I was able to make great leaps and grow professionally.”

Misc. Recommendation(s)…

March 16, 2017
Bill Thiele
VP Curtis International
“I first met Dan at Monster while i was running Best Buy and Distribution he always impressed me with his design eye his prompt attention to everything needed by the sales team.
When i went to Munitio /BDA to run a startup headphone company, Dan was my first call to head up my product development. He is an expert at process and driven to meet and exceed goals. He is detailed in every aspect of product dev and formed a working functional team out of chaos.he can manage multiple projects and i would hire him again.”